Q1: What are the special ingredients contain in the Livin Wild (LW) ?

A1: LIVIN’ WILD ingredients use carefully selected meat products and the addition of various high-quality trace elements. We remain committed on the selection of meat products, by using grass-fed red meat and stocked poultry. In recent years, no grain feed has become popular and no one has risen particular question about the source of the meat. The traditional source of grain meat, even if it is made from pure meat, cannot change the fact that meat is digested with cereals. We emphasize the purity of the source and the addition of Spirulina and Probiotics and other high-quality ingredients. Provide the best low-sensitivity quality foods.

Q2: Why use a special flake shape?
Q3: The source of “Livin Wild” feed protein?
Q4: Why do we emphasize on low carbohydrates?
Q5: I am currently using different feeds. How can I switch over to LW ?
Q6: Why are there minimum and maximum values on nutrition labeling?
Q7: Why does the excretion of pets decrease after using “Livin Wild”?
Q8: How to preserve Livin Wild feed after opening?

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